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Design the beast

The Repsol Honda MotoGP Team would like to invite the fans to design the bike with which they will compete in one of the championship races.

However, the tight production time and the fear that the design will be trivialized and misused requires a contest where we can control the final design.

To do this, we created a contest through Instagram Stories where users can build the bike as if it were a puzzle with the pre-designed pieces of the bike in the form of GIF. 


Puzzle pieces

The bike is divided into 4 different pieces that the user will have to put together as if it were a puzzle. The user will find each piece independently in the GIF section when looking for the hashtag of the contest.

Patterns_HOR_Mesa de trabajo 1.jpg


We created a series of designs that represent the main values of the team and that will also serve as patterns for the design of the different parts of the bike.



We will obtain thousands of combinations, an original contest where the designs are made through Instagram Stories and with a total control of the final design.

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